LSC’s Statement on Release of Immigrant Child

Legal Services for Children is thrilled that our client, GE, has been released from secure detention and appropriately placed. We are confident that he will recover and thrive in an appropriate placement with services that address his trauma.

GE’s story illustrates the extreme negative impacts of secure detention and the importance of addressing trauma in children, in a manner that is therapeutic rather than punitive. Legal Services for Children fights every day to ensure that our clients are able to receive the help they need to overcome past trauma.

We are grateful to all of the many community members who have expressed their support for GE over the past two weeks. The letters and well-wishes GE received helped him keep hope alive and reaffirmed to him that he is important and deserving of love.  At Legal Services for Children we believe that we all have collective responsibility for our community’s children.  The outpouring of support GE has received has been a heartwarming affirmation of that belief.