ACCESS Program

The Achieving Community Connections & Educational Supports for Students (ACCESS) program is an alternative to the suspension and expulsion process designed to address bad behavior by targeting the underlying causes of that behavior.

It also incorporates restorative justice principles by focusing on repairing harm instead of relying on exclusion from school.  Click here for more information.

Fix School Discipline is a resource for parents, students, and community organizations interested in learning about how to get rid of harsh school discipline practices. Their website has the latest data and news about the harsh impacts that suspensions and expulsion have on students and school climate. You can also find tools to help you implement or advocate for supportive discipline policies that promotes students accountability and overall safety.

Dignity in Schools is a resource for parents and youth interested in joining youth-led and parent-led campaigns to end school pushout.

For information and resources on restorative justice process and practices:

Introducing Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

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