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We believe that school discipline is a major driving force in the inequitable educational outcomes faced by low income children and children of color. We represent Bay Area students in expulsion hearings in order to ensure access to education and to work against educational inequity.

COVID-19 and Distance Learning:

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact communities globally, we wanted to ensure that you or the young people in your lives are receiving adequate educational instruction. We’ve created this document so that you may be informed on common questions that community members may have; however, the list is not exhaustive.

Click HERE to download our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

If you are facing a situation or obstacle in a school environment that is not covered in this FAQ, please call our intake line for a consultation; we are happy to provide guidance, referrals, and resources. While our office is still closed to the public, we continue to offer services over the phone.


What is an expulsion?

An expulsion means a student is not allowed to attend school. If a school wants to expel a student, that student has a right to a hearing and to bring a lawyer to represent them.

Being expelled is serious because it means you cannot attend a regular school.


How can LSC help you?

Expulsions are very serious. If you want a lawyer and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, LSC may be able to represent you at your hearing or help you find a free lawyer or advocate. Call LSC’s Warmline for more information.

English: (415) 780-6366

Spanish: (415) 780-6367

If you live outside of the SF Bay Area, LSC may not be able to represent you in a school discipline case. Click here for a list of other organizations and services.


What is a school suspension?

A suspension generally means a student will be unable to attend school for up to five days. The parent must be notified, and the student and parent should meet with the principal before the suspension to explain their side of the story. Before the student is suspended, the school should offer the student services as an alternative way to address any behavioral issues. This can include restorative circles and referrals to counseling or anger management.

Do not give written statements and don’t sign stipulated agreements!


Children’s Rights in School

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page that includes information on enrollment for undocumented children and foster youth, how to access school records, inter-district transfers, and filing complaints against your school for discrimination.

For more information, the ACLU provides detailed information on students’ rights at school (


What are my rights at the expulsion hearing?

If you are recommended for expulsion, you must receive a fair hearing before you are expelled. Students have a number of rights including a right to notice of the hearing, the right to bring an attorney or other advocate to the hearing, the right to look at the school’s evidence, and a right to present evidence. ACLU provides a comprehensive Fact Sheet on students’ school rights during suspensions, expulsions, and involuntary transfers.


Can I be suspended or expelled for just any reason?

No! You must have committed a specific act at school, at a school-sponsored event, or on your way to/from school. The most common grounds are:
– Possessing, using, or selling dangerous objects, e.g. guns, knives, or fireworks
– Possessing, using, selling, or attempting to sell alcohol, drugs, or any drug-related items
– Stealing or attempting to steal the school’s or another person’s property
– Causing, attempting, or threatening physical harm, except in self-defense

For more information on suspensions and expulsions, click here.

You cannot be suspended for being late or absent from school!


I think my child requires special education services, where can I get help?

dreamstimemedium_37346548Disabilities Rights Education & Defense Fund provides information on determining eligibility for special education services and how to request a special education assessment. Click here for more information and resources. Also, if you want more information on your child’s rights for special education if they are being recommended for expulsion, check out our Special Education Advocacy page.

If you live in the Bay Area and your child is being recommended for expulsion, LSC may be able to represent your child. If we cannot provide your child with a lawyer, here is a List of Low Cost Attorneys from all over California and other organizations that can provide legal advice.


Discrimination Complaints

If you believe you have experienced discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying based on disability, gender, nationality, race/ethnicity, religion, and/or sexual orientation, you can file a complaint against the school district. You can also file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights.  For more information on how to file these complaints, click here.


What can I do to improve things in my school district?

The Achieving Community Connections & Educational Supports for Students
(ACCESS) program is an alternative to the suspension and expulsion process designed by LSC to address bad behavior by targeting the underlying causes of that behavior. Check out our ACCESS Program page for more information and how you can make changes in your school district.