What are residency requirements?

Students throughout California enjoy the right to apply for enrollment at schools outside their designated school attendance boundaries: any school in their district of residence, the district in which a parent is employed, or a neighboring district that has chosen to accept inter-district transfers.  This system of choice varies in each district, so consult your district for its regulation requirements.

When enrolling a student in school, school districts will ask you for a copy of the child’s birth certificate and a copy of the student’s last report card (or other documentation indicating educational standing).  They will also ask you for three documents that will prove residency in that district.  Such documents include the following:

  1. PG&E bill
  2. Utility bill
  3. Garbage collection bill
  4. Telephone bill (other than cell phone)
  5. Cable bill
  6. Bank Statement
  7. Paycheck Stub
  8. Drivers license
  9. Action Letter from Social Services
  10. Berkeley Housing Authority Documentation

Some school districts might have their own additional requirements.  For instance, Berkeley Unified School District requires a Parent Preference form to be completed by the student’s parent(s).  Please contact your school district for their own requirements.