How do I make a complaint about facilities, teacher credentialing, or school books?

California requires that all public school students have books and learning materials, schools that are clean and safe, and qualified teachers who provide appropriate instruction. If these needs aren’t met, anyone can file a complaint. For more information, visit, which is a site dedicated to the outcome of this case and how to file complaints.

Complaint forms can be found on the California Department of Education (CDE) website or should be available at your school. They are to be filed with the principal of your school or the designee of the district superintendent. The complaint must be resolved and a report written within 60 days of receipt of the complaint. The person who files a complaint should be informed of the right to appeal the decision by contacting the CDE.
i. Textbooks and instructional materials

      1. No access to them
      2. In condition too poor to use
      3. Only received photocopied portions because of shortage, and as such only have part of a whole

ii. Facility conditions: urgent condition posing threat to health or safety (i.e. gas leak, ventilation issues, non-functioning heating, unhygienic bathrooms, etc.)
iii. Teacher vacancy or mis-assignment