Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission:


Legal Services for Children provides free representation to children and youth who require legal assistance to stabilize their lives and realize their full potential.

Through a holistic team approach utilizing legal advocacy and social work services, our goal is to empower clients and actively involve them in the critical decisions that impact their lives. LSC uses this model to achieve safety and stability at home; educational success; and freedom from detention and deportation for our clients.


Our Core Values:


We advocate for Bay Area children and youth to ensure:

  • Safety and stability at home
  • Success in school
  • Freedom from deportation and detention

In a manner that:

  • Is client-centered
  • Builds strong, healthy relationships
  • Is holistic and interdisciplinary
  • Demands accountability
  • Promotes social justice
  • Amplifies the voice of our clients

In an organization that is:

  • Committed to high standards
  • Committed to diversity and cultural competency
  • Committed to supporting and sustaining our staff
  • Adaptable, flexible, and open to change & growth


Our Inclusion Policy:

Legal Services for Children strives to create an organization that is inclusive of all staff, clients and community. We strive to be gender-inclusive in all aspects of our work. We proactively include gender pronouns in all email signatures to ensure that all staff are able to identify the correct gender pronoun and are referred to consistently by that pronoun.

To learn more about LSC and our youth clients, go to Our Clients page.