Our Wellness Approach


Youth groupWe believe that every child and teenager deserves to grow up feeling safe and nurtured. The Wellness Project at LSC aims to bring trauma-informed and holistic practices to the legal and social work services we provide for our clients.


Our social workers consistently strive to address the non-legal needs of our vulnerable community of clients by providing culturally thoughtful referrals and utilizing their clinical skills to address the health, mental-health, and education needs of our clients. Without these comprehensive services, the legal victories would be hollow for many of our clients who struggle a great deal to cope with their traumas and develop tools to move forward from them.



In 2008, LSC initiated a support group model for young women clients who had experienced trauma providing a nine-week peer group to process topics such as self-esteem, developing healthy relationships, sexuality, and improving communication skills.  This group model was so successful that LSC has offered support groups annually since 2008.  In 2015, we piloted Bridge to Wellness — providing individual therapy for clients paired with volunteer therapists in collaboration with the California Institute of Integral Studies.


Our Wellness Project has brought in various experts in the field to provide staff trainings around the topics of:

  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • The new DSM-5 Diagnoses
  • Working with Children at risk for Sexual Exploitation

These trainings support the ways we are mindful of the wellness needs of our clients and ourselves.