Access to Education

We believe that school discipline is a major driving force in the inequitable educational outcomes faced by low income children and children of color. We represent Bay Area students in expulsion hearings in order to ensure access to education and to work against educational inequity. Learn More

Safety and Stability at Home

We believe all children deserve safe and stable homes and where they have access to educational and health opportunities. We represent children in guardianship and foster care cases to ensure that they have the stability they need to thrive. Learn More

Freedom from Deportation

We believe that children and youth cannot reach their full potential if they live in fear of deportation. We represent children in immigration cases to ensure that they can remain in a safe place with access to opportunity. Learn More  

Holistic Services

We believe that legal interventions alone are ineffective to change the lives of our clients. We use an interdisciplinary approach that includes social work services to ensure that clients’ physical health, mental health, educational, and other needs are met so that they can recover from trauma and truly flourish. Learn More

An Update on LSC’s Services

An Update on LSC’s Services

Estimados Miembros de Comunidad,

Dado que el coronavirus (COVID-19) continúa impactando a las comunidades a nivel mundial, queríamos asegurarle que nuestro personal continúa sirviendo a sus clientes con diligencia y aún ofreciendo servicios para aquellos que necesitan orientación legal o referencias. Según las pautas de la Organización Mundial de la Salud y nuestro gobierno estatal, nuestra oficina permanece cerrada al público, sin embargo, continuamos ofreciendo servicios por teléfono.

Si desea consultar con nuestro personal sobre un problema u obstáculo legal que enfrenta actualmente, llame a nuestra línea de admisión durante el horario de atención.

Puede comunicarse con la línea de consulta de nuestra oficina a través de los siguientes números:

Linea de Consulta:

Lunes Y Jueves  1:30pm – 4:30 pm 

Linea en Español: (415) 780-6367

Agradecemos su comprensión y esperamos que se mantenga seguro y saludable.


Servicios Legales para Niños

Dear Community Member(s),

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact communities globally, we wanted to assure you that our staff continues to serve its clients diligently and still offer services for those who need legal guidance or referrals. Based on guidelines from the World Health Organization and our state government, our office remains closed to the public, however, we continue to offer services by phone.

If you’d like to consult with our staff about a legal issue or obstacle that you are currently facing, please call our intake line during open hours.

Our office warmline can be reached via the numbers below:

Warmline Hours:

Mon & Thurs  1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

English Line: (415) 780-6366

We appreciate your understanding, and hope that you are staying safe and healthy.


Legal Services for Children